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Confetti Party’s Balloon Delivery & Party Decor Installation in Surrey

Welcome to Confetti Party, your trusted partner in Guildford, for reliable balloon delivery services for pre-inflated helium balloons and captivating party decor installations. Whether you’re celebrating at home or planning a large event, we bring the magic right to your doorstep!

We offer same-day or next-day delivery for pre-inflated balloon bouquets and personalised balloons. To order balloon delivery, complete the contact form or call us.


We have a wide range of foil balloons and various latex balloon colours.


Balloon Delivery

Get your chosen helium balloons and custom decorations delivered directly to your event location.

To order your balloons with our courier balloon delivery service, select "Request a quote" and provide us with the order details, desired date and time for delivery and location.


The delivery fee for helium balloon delivery and other pre-inflated balloon designs will apply.​

We individually calculate delivery fees for each balloon delivery based on the distance to your home or venue and the number of balloons you require.

You can rely on us to deliver your balloons.

We proudly serve the entire Guildford area and surrounding areas in Surrey and Hampshire.

  • GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4, GU5, GU7, GU8, GU9, GU10

  • GU11, GU12,GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17,GU18, GU19

  • GU20, GU21, GU22, GU23, GU24, GU26, GU27

  • GU34, GU35, GU51, GU5

  • KT11, KT13, KT14, KT15, KT16, KT23, T24

  • RH4, RH5, RG29, RG27​

  • TW1, TW2, TW3, TW4, TW5, TW6, TW7, TW8, TW9, TW10

  • TW11, TW12, TW13, TW14, TW15, TW16, TW17, TW18, TW19, TW20

Alternatively, you could collect your balloons from the Guildford office.

If you would like a balloon delivery service but need help finding your postcode, please call or email us, and we will try to find a way to help.

Party Decor Installation & Travel Charges

In addition to balloon delivery services, we offer party balloon styling in Surrey and Hampshire.


To order your balloons or schedule a decor installation, select "Request a quote" and provide us with the event details and location.

For party decor installations, travel charges will apply instead of delivery fees, ensuring fair costs tailored to your specific needs.


We individually calculate travel charges for each balloon installation based on the distance to your venue and potential additional costs, such as congestion charges or parking fees, if free parking is unavailable at the location.

You can rely on us to help you impress your guests with beautiful decor.

Galina & team were great to work with. Delivered exactly what we needed & on-time. Highly recommended!

Balloon Delivery FAQ

How far in advance should I book my balloon delivery or decor installation?

We recommend contacting us once you have your celebration date and venue address to ensure you can reserve your desired date and time slot. Booking at least two weeks in advance is ideal for balloon deliveries and decor installations, especially for custom requests or larger events. Allowing three to four weeks for more complex designs or during busy periods can help us better meet your specific needs.


However, don't hesitate to call us if you decide to host a spontaneous event and need balloons or decorations on short notice. We'll do our utmost to find the best decoration options that suit your needs and make your celebration memorable.

What are the cancellation policies?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for detailed information about our cancellation policies. However, for personalised assistance or to discuss options for cancelling or postponing your order, we encourage you to call us directly. We're here to help you find the best solution for your situation.

How are travel charges for decor installations calculated?

Travel charges are determined based on the distance from our office in Guildford to your venue. Additionally, these charges may vary depending on whether our team must return after the party or the next day to dismantle the decorations or collect rental items. This approach ensures we cover logistical costs while providing top-notch service for your event.

What is the difference between balloon delivery fees and travel charges?

  • Balloon Delivery Fees: These fees cover the cost of transporting balloons from our location to your specified delivery address. This fee is primarily influenced by the distance to the delivery location and the size of the order.

  • Travel Charges: Travel charges apply specifically to our decor installation services. These are calculated based on the distance from our office to your event venue, and additional factors such as the need for our team to return for dismantling and collection of rental decorations. Travel charges are more comprehensive as they take into account the logistics involved in setting up and taking down event decorations.

Do you provide a service for taking down decorations after parties?

Yes, we offer a service for dismantling decorations after parties. This can be arranged at the time of booking your event decorations. Our team will return to your venue after the event to carefully remove and collect all decorations, ensuring a hassle-free post-event cleanup for you. This service is especially beneficial for significant events or rentals that require professional handling.

Ready to elevate your next event with the Confetti Party?

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a personalised quote for balloon delivery or decor installation. Let’s make your celebration unforgettable!




Office 6,

19 Moorfield Road, GU1 1EP, Guildford, UK

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