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When you are choosing wedding decorations, why not look closely at Balloon Decorations?

Nowadays, there are so many options of balloon arts available, and balloons could be everywhere in the wedding scene: at engagement day, bridal showers, during the church ceremony, at the wedding reception.

So to make your life easier, we have put together a list of trendy beautiful wedding balloon decorations.  

The most popular and well-known wedding decorations are Balloon Arches.

Wedding Balloons Collection

Looking for Wedding Balloon Arches in Surrey or Hampshire?

Wedding Balloon arches

Balloon Arches will highlight the entrance to the wedding venue, make a magic accent behind the head table and over the cake table.

Look at some examples of Balloon Arches that are perfect for Weddings. 

The second option in our list of Wedding Balloon Decorations are Balloon Columns.

Balloon Columns are remarkable wedding balloon installations.

They could be plain colours and match the primary colour of the wedding colour scheme or have a pattern.

Use these pillars as eye-catchers besides the entrance, head table, dance floor and stage.


You may wish to combine balloon columns with balloon arches, helium bouquets, ceiling balloons.


Here are some examples of Balloon Columns.

Wedding Balloon Columns with Bog foil heart on the top
Wedding silver and white balloon columns
Wedding Balloon Columns
Beautiful Wedding Balloon Columns
Lined wedding balloon columns

Looking for Wedding Balloon Columns in Surrey or Hampshire?

Next on our list of balloon decorations are Wedding Balloon Centrepieces.

There are a lot of types of Balloon Centrepieces.

Still, for Weddings, we recommend using Balloon Centrepieces with a floral design to add elegant luxury style or helium Balloons centrepieces, so they float above the table and not restrict the view.


Look at some examples.

Balloon Centrepieces with floral Design
Wedding Balloon Centrepieces
Helium table balloon Decorations

Looking for Wedding Balloon Centrepieces in Surrey or Hempshire?

And finally, we would recommend you to look at Beautiful Wedding Balloon Garlands.

Balloons Garlands could be combined with floral design and used to decorate balconies, staircases, entrance to the hall, frame the stage and more.


Using Balloon Garland is a perfect way to make a WOW effect for your guests.


Look at some more examples of Balloon Garlands:

Hen Party Balloon Garland
Small white circle backdrop
Balloon Garland
Wedding Balloon Garlans
Gorgeous Ballon Garland
Balloon Garland for Balcony
Asymmetric Wedding Balloon Garland

Looking for Wedding Balloon Garlands in Surrey or Hampshire?

Whatever theme your Wedding or Hen Party is - add Balloon Decorations to your setup, and you will have unforgettable memories and beautiful photos!

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