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Balloon Arch Hire for Any Occasion 

Balloon arches are one of our most requested event balloon decorations. What can be more welcome than a gorgeous balloon entrance to your event?

Let your imagination run wild! Whether you require a balloon arch hire for an indoor venue or an outdoor shop grand opening, we can bring your vision to life.

organic balloon garland in bright colours created by confetti party Guildford

Balloon Arches

Add elegance and festivity to your occasion with our versatile arches of balloons.

Whether you want a fun, playful look or a timeless, sophisticated design, we have the perfect arch for you.

From baby showers to weddings, our stunning balloon arches will make your party unforgettable.


Classic balloon arch created by Confetti Party Guildford

We use air-filled balloons to build classic balloon arches on a frame, also known as spiral balloon arches and organic balloon arches.

For this traditional type of arches, we use balloons all the same size. 


Let us elevate your event with a stunning balloon arch hire service, perfect for any occasion.

Occasions elevated by an arch of balloons:

  • new store openings

  • product launches

  • promotions 

  • corporate events

  • business show

  • charity events

  • birthday parties


Balloon Arch Sizes: 

  • Small Balloon Door Arch (Single Door) – 2m(W) x 2.3m(H)

  • Medium Double Door Balloon Arch – 2.6m(W) x 3.5m(H)

  • Larger Balloon Arch - on a request


The sizes are approximate and can be adjusted slightly (for example, the arches can be made a bit thinner and taller or vice versa).

These balloon arches can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Balloon Arch Quote

Balloon Arch Quote

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Balloon arch ideas

Order a Balloon Arch Near You – We're Here to Serve!

While our Balloon Company is based in Guildford, we're delighted to offer our balloon arch services wherever you are.

If you're wondering if we serve your area, here's a list of places we frequently cater to.


Need help finding your 'balloon arch near me' location? No problem!


Get in touch with us. We won't overwhelm you with an extensive list; we'll provide just enough information to give you a sense of our service reach. We provide Balloon arch services in:

  • East Molesey

  • Horsham

  • Windsor

More Balloon Arch Ideas for your event

Enhance your party or event with our stunning balloon decorations! From corporate events to personal celebrations, our balloon arches are the perfect addition to any occasion.


Whether you're looking for a colourful birthday arch, an elegant wedding arch, a rainbow balloon arch, a pastel arch for a baby shower, a holy communion arch, or a creative gender reveal arch, we can customise our designs to match your specific needs.


Our balloon arches are created with high-quality materials and can include your company logo or party colour theme.

If you are looking for a balloon arch company near me and want to know the cost, fill out our Contact Form, and we will contact you with a quote.

Follow this link to check our balloon arch prices.

Balloon Arches FAQ

  • What is the cost of a balloon arch in the UK in 2024? What is the average price range for a Balloon arch hire in the UK?


Are you planning an event and wondering about the cost of a balloon arch in the UK? The starting price for a balloon arch is £150. Still, the final cost can vary depending on different factors such as the size and complexity of the design, customisation needs, and delivery and setup requirements.

The price may increase if you're looking for a larger or more intricate design or have specific customisation needs. It's essential to consider these aspects to create a unique and unforgettable experience that aligns with your vision.

Remember that every decision you make, from design to delivery, will contribute to setting the tone for your event. So, if you need help creating the perfect balloon arch, please don't hesitate to contact us for a detailed consultation. We'll work with you to bring your vision to life and ensure that your balloon arch becomes a memorable highlight of your celebration.

  • Which Vendors Offer Delivery and Setup Services for Balloon Arches in Guildford?​


Several skilled vendors in the Guildford area specialise in creating and installing balloon arches for various events. These local experts provide comprehensive services, including delivery and professional setup, to ensure your balloon arch looks perfect for your special occasion.

To find the best provider for your needs, we recommend the following steps:

1. Research Local Balloon Decorators: Conduct a quick online search for balloon arch vendors in Guildford. Look for businesses with positive reviews and portfolios that showcase their work.

2. Contact Balloon Arch Vendors Directly: Once you have identified potential vendors, contact them to inquire about their delivery and setup services and get a quote. This will also give you a sense of their customer service and how they might cater to your specific event needs.

3. Ask for Recommendations: Ask friends, family, or event planners for suggestions. Personal recommendations can lead you to reliable vendors known for their quality service and beautiful balloon arches.

Remember, the ideal vendor will provide delivery and setup services and work with you to customise your balloon arch to fit your event's theme and style.

  • Which Balloon Arch is Most Sought-After Among Customers? What is the most popular balloon arch?


Our Most Requested Balloon Arch is the Classic Spiral Arch, Expertly Crafted with up to 4 Colours of Latex Balloons in a Stunning Repeating Pattern for a Beautifully Symmetrical Design.


"Yes, Confetti Party provides rainbow balloon arches in LGBT and LGBT+ colours for corporate clients. In this case, we can extend our standard hire timeframe, and our corporate customers can keep the rainbow balloon arch for as long as they need during Pride Month.

  • Is Helium Necessary for Creating Balloon Arches?


No, helium is not required to create stunning balloon arches. Our company specialises in crafting balloon arches using durable frameworks and biodegradable air-filled latex balloons. This approach supports environmental sustainability and allows for various designs and structures that wouldn't be possible with helium alone.


By utilising air-filled balloons and supportive structures, we can ensure your balloon arch remains vibrant and intact throughout your event, providing a beautiful backdrop or entrance feature without needing helium.


  • Where Can I Find a Local Provider to Order a Balloon Arch Near Me?


Please fill out our Request Form for Professional Balloon Arch Installation. If you're more than 30 miles from Guildford, Surrey, search for "Balloon Arch Near Me" or "Balloon Arch Hire Near Me" to find a talented local balloon artist to create the perfect arch for your celebration.


  • Is a Balloon Arch an Ideal Decoration for a Birthday Celebration?


A balloon arch is an excellent addition to any birthday celebration. It is a striking decorative element whether you opt for a classic or organic style. It can dramatically enhance the entrance, drawing guests into the festivities with a warm, celebratory welcome.


Placing a balloon arch over the cake table adds elegance and fun, making the birthday cake-cutting ceremony even more special. Furthermore, a balloon arch creates a perfect backdrop for a photo zone, providing a vibrant setting for guests to capture memorable moments.


A balloon arch is not just decoration; it's a versatile feature that adds life and colour to the celebration, making it an ideal choice for making any birthday party unforgettable.


  • Should we order a balloon arch for prom?


Adding a beautiful balloon arch to the entrance of your prom party is a fantastic idea! It will add a pop of colour, and you can choose a design that perfectly matches your party's theme or colour scheme. How cool is that?


  • Is it Possible to Order Matching Balloon Arches and Columns for My Event?


Yes, we can install balloon arches and columns that match colours and patterns to make Balloon decorations. 

  • How Long Will a Balloon Arch Last?


A balloon arch can last a few hours up to a few weeks, depending on environmental conditions: temperature, heat, humidity, and the balloon quality. Under environmental conditions, a latex balloon arch can last a few days outdoors or even a few weeks indoors.

  • Can You Use My Balloon Arch Kit for Installation?


Unleash the Power of Professional Balloon Arches without the Hassle! Clients Often Ask, "Can You Use My Balloon Arch Kit?" Regrettably, Our Answer is No. As a Professional Balloon Company, We Only Use High-Quality Balloons—not Balloon Arch Kits from Amazon. Don't Waste Time Searching "How to Make a Balloon Arch". Contact us and Enjoy the Expert Balloon Arch Without Any Effort.

  • Where Can I Find a Reliable Balloon Arch Company Near Me in a Short Amount of Time?


If you need a balloon arch quickly, perhaps even for same-day service or within a few days, your best bet is to start with a quick online search. Typing "Balloon Arch Company Near Me" into Google will include a list of local providers.


When you spot one that catches your eye, contact them as soon as possible. Directly contacting the company's sales or customer service team will give you the fastest insight into their availability for your tight schedule and any additional costs for expedited service.


This direct approach helps secure a reliable provider to make your event shine, even at short notice.

  • Could I order a ready-made balloon arch?

The simple answer would be yes; you can order a ready-made balloon arch in your colours. 

But if you want to pick it up from the company, you must have a big car or van to fit it inside the vehicle. You should order ready-made balloon arch delivery to your home. 

  • Can you provide information on your balloon arch delivery?

Balloon arches are a beautiful addition to any event, and having them delivered makes everything more convenient.


When choosing this option, you won't have to worry about transportation or setup. Our team of experts will handle everything for you.


Once you've decided to have your balloon arch delivered, our team will work with you to ensure that it arrives at your event location on time and in perfect condition. We'll also take care of the arch's setup and take-down, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.


Whether planning a small gathering or a large celebration, a delivered balloon arch is the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your event. Contact us today to learn more about our balloon arch delivery options and start planning your beautiful arch.


Don't forget to check out our balloon arches designs and themes to make your event even more special. We are the best in the business, and we guarantee that your guests will be impressed with our stunning balloon arches.


Choose your balloon arch.

We have many beautiful balloon arches for all occasions, from classic to bespoke organic.

Complete a request form.

Fill in a Balloon Arch Request Form with all your details 


Leave the work to us. We'll have your balloon arch ready and delivered on your chosen date and time.

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