Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are one of our most wanted event balloon decorations. Balloon garlands can be freestanding, hanging on a wall, staircase or connected to a frame.

We use 5", 12", and 16" late balloons to create a fluffy balloon garland.

To create a Super fluffy balloon garland, we add 24" balloons.

There is no need to limit your imagination if you order an organic balloon garland! We can use any colour to match your party theme, add foil balloons, giant number balloons, or a personalised balloon.


If you need a balloon garland for a corporate event, we could add your company logo to the foil balloon and match your corporate colours for latex balloons.

If you are looking for a balloon company near me and want to know the balloon garland price, fill in our Contact Form, and we will contact you with a quote! 

Fluffy Organic Balloon Garland

Fluffy Organic Balloon Garland

Fluffy balloon garland will suite any party from baby shower to wedding! 

Rainbow balloon Garland

Super Fluffy Balloon Garland

Super fluffy balloon garland is good for any occasions from business events to private party!

What frames we use with balloon garlands


Balloon Hoop

Personalised Balloon backdrop

White circle Backdrop

Balloon Decorations For Hen Party

Shimmer Wall

Pastel Balloon Garland on sailboard

Sail board Arch

More Balloon Garland Ideas for your event

Balloon Garland Company Near in Guildford

Planning a party or an event and need balloon garland installation in Guildford, Woking, Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Godalming, Virginia Water, Cobham, Esher, Richmond, Kingston, Walton-on-Themes or other towns in Surrey and Hampshire?

Then you are in the right place! Let us know what type of Event or Celebration you organise. What is your event colour theme? The most popular are: saga green, white sand and rose wood balloon garland, rainbow balloon garland, pastel balloon garland, black and gold balloon garland, rose gold balloon garland, jungle balloon garland, safari balloon garland, boho balloon garland, chrome balloon garland, 

Don't worry if you don't know how many meters of balloon garland do you need for your event or what colours would better go together. 

Our Team could suggest the right Balloon garland that suits your budget and the idea and theme of your Celebration.

We will create a best balloon garland that will amaze your guests!

If you are looking for balloons garland near me, birthday balloon arch near me or balloon garland delivery near me -  Contact us to book

Staircase Balloon Garland

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Balloon Garland FAQ

  • How long do a balloon garland last?

A balloon garland can last for a few hours up to a few weeks, depending on environmental conditions: temperature, heat, humidity, and the balloon quality. Under environmental conditions, a latex balloon garland can last a few days outdoors or even a few weeks indoors.

*Latex balloons don't behave well (could pop or deflate) under direct sun or under the rain.

  • Could you use my balloon garland kit?

Sometimes our clients ask us, " could you use our balloon garland kit "? Our answer is always - "sorry, no". 

As a professional Balloon Company, we use only quality balloons, not a balloon garland kit.

You don't need to buy a balloon garland kit and then search on Google "How to make a balloon garland".

Contact us and enjoy the professional Balloon Garland without lifting a finger.