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Circle Backdrop with Balloon Decorations

Transform your special occasion into a memorable celebration with our personalised Balloon Hoops & White Balloon Backdrops!


Our Balloon Hoops and White Backdrops are the perfect decoration for any event, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between.


Choose from a variety of Balloon Designs and colours to perfectly match the theme of your party. 


Make your celebration unforgettable with our stunning balloon décor. Contact us today!

circle backdrop stand

Personalised party backdrop

White circle backdrop is good choice for your party or events if you require a personalisation. We have small, middle and big white circle backdrop. Learn more about circle board backdrop prices!

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Balloon Hoop for Baby Shower

Balloon Hoop

Balloon Hoop or Moongate Hoop is popular balloon installation for many occasions. We do: wedding moon gate, birthday balloon hoop, baby shower balloon hoop. gender reveal party balloon hoop and others. Lear more about balloon hoop prices!


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Balloon Decorations ideas for Balloon hoop stand and Withe Backdrop 


What is a Balloon Hoop?

Balloon Hoops, often known as Moongate Arches, are circular frames adorned with balloons. They serve as a dynamic backdrop, adding depth, colour, and a touch of whimsy to any event space.

Why Choose Balloon Hoops?

  • Versatility: From birthdays and weddings to corporate events, balloon hoops fit seamlessly into any theme or setting.

  • Customisation: Tailor your hoop with a palette of colours, sizes, and balloon styles to match your event's vibe.

  • Photo-Perfect: They provide an ideal backdrop for memorable photos, ensuring your event is captured beautifully.

Your local Balloon Hoop Decorator in Guildford

The Confetti Party team delivers and installs balloon decorations every day to most towns in Surrey and Hampshire. Contact us to order Balloons for the Event.


We develop stunning and memorable balloon installations to bring your celebration to the next level.

Balloon Hoop FAQ

  • How much are balloon hoop decorations? What are balloon hoop prices?

Balloon Hoop hire price depends on hoop size and balloon design. More about balloon hoop prices you can find on our balloon price list.

  • For what special occasion should I book Balloon Hoop Decorations?

Balloon Hoop or Moon gate is suitable for any occasion and celebration. The most popular events for balloon hoop hire are Weddings, Hen Do Party, Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, and Gender Reveal Party

  • What balloon hoop size could I book? How much space do I need to fit this balloon decoration?

We have two sizes of balloon hoops. 

Small Balloon Hoop - 1.6 meters gold hoop. With balloons, the installation will be 1.8 meters.

Large circle balloon hoop (1.8 meters) in gold colour. With Balloons, the installation will be 2m Balloon Hoop.


  • How long do balloon hoops last?

Balloon Hoop can last from an hour to a few weeks. It all depends on the environment and weather conditions.

Balloons could last a few weeks inside a venue at room temperature, but balloons don't like direct sun, heat, wind, rain and cold weather, so if installation is going to be outside, it all will depend on weather conditions.

  • Do Balloon hoop Designs need helium?

Most balloon hoop designs don't need helium and use air-filled balloons. To create the complete composition and fill the area around the balloon hoop, we sometimes we usr helium balloon bouquets.


  • Where do I find balloon hoop hire near me?

Please, fill in a Request Form on our website, and we will help you with balloon hoop installation.

Confetti Party serves the area 30 miles around the office in Guildford Surrey. If your venue or home is not in this area, you can search on the internet for balloon hoop UK, balloon hoop hire, or Moorgate hire near me.


  • Can I hire a gold balloon hoop for balloons with another balloon decor that matches together?

Yes, we can do balloon table decorations, ceiling balloons or balloon garlands in the same style and colour scheme as your balloon hoop installation.


  • Do you have a balloon hoop cover?

Yes, we have balloon hoop covers with a different theme. Also, we can customise the balloon hoop cover for your party theme or colour scheme.


  • Could I have a neon sign or personalised board with balloon hoop decorations?

Yes, we provide neon sign hire with balloon hoop installation and personalised acrylic boards.



We have a wide range of beautiful balloons for all occasions, from birthdays to baby showers.


Fill in a Balloon Hoop Request Form with all you details 


Leave the work to us, we'll have your balloon hoop decorations ready and delivered on your chosen date.


Looking to order a Balloon Hoop near you? You're in luck! While our Balloon Company is headquartered in Guildford, we proudly serve a range of areas in Surrey and Hampshire.


If your location isn't listed below, don't worry – simply get in touch!

  • East Molesey

  • Horsham

  • Windsor

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